Friday, August 17, 2012

Korea 101

This summer, I went to South Korea for my industrial training. I am very fortunate to be given such opportunity by the Department of Biomedical Engineering, University Malaya. Thank you so much for this awesome experience. Below are 101 pictures and videos that I will use to tell about my experience while having my intern there. I will not talk about what I did for my practical training there, instead I will share about my life in Korea and general things that might be useful to those who will be visiting Korea.

1. korean air
I boarded the Korean Air flight to go there.

2. inflight movies
The journey was long, it took about 7 hours to get there. Luckily the inflight entertainment was a blast, there were tons of new movies to be enjoyed and multiplayer games to be played.

3. passport
Passport and flight tickets are your life, always check before leaving for airport. You can't fly without them.

4. inflight meals
The meals are okay but it a sign that your days are just starting and you won't be getting any of your favorite meals until you are back. :'(

5. Incheon International Airport
Safely arrived at Korea International Airport. There's free WiFi coverage in the airport. The first thing I did was contacting my family telling them that I have arrived and doing well. I managed to video call them using Skype, it was smooth since the WiFi is pretty fast. Actually, the first thing I did was check in with Foursquare. HAHA :p

6. Busan from above

7. the room
This is the room that I will be staying during my intern here.

8. security system
There is no key required, as the door uses this automatic locking system which is pretty convenient. 

9. living room
It is equipped with a big screen tv subscribed to cable channels. We get to watch the early Korean version of Running Man. HEHE. Beware as there are also adult channels being shown even though you need to pay to view, the advertisement shows preview of the XXX shows being broadcast. This is inappropriate with our Islamic culture.    

10. bedroom

the room is complete with air conditioner and floor heating system which is normal because Korea experience the summer and winter seasons. 

11. bathroom
there is no water in Korea public toilet as it is only available at the sink to wash hands. They use toilet papers instead. So it is always convenient to carry bottles around as it is handy for washing and even for ablution (Wudu) for prayers. Please refrain from using the sink to wash your feet during ablution. 

12. kitchen
A compact kitchen with washing machine, sink, stove and air system all in one place. Love it!

13. entrance

14. view

15. korean lunch
I ate the salted fish, eggs, seaweed soup and kimchi. The kimchi tasted sour. I don't really like the kimchi taste. :p

16. Jeungol (korean seafood steamboat) 
It is a mixes of seafood like octopus, shrimp, scallop and vegetable soup. The soup tasted like tom yum soup which is very nice and refreshing. (^0^)

17. seaweed
this is given to me almost every meals at the cafeteria.

18. fish fillet
Western style fish fillet with tartar sauce and sauced fish ball, some mixed salad and kimchi soup. One of the nicest meals I had at the cafeteria since I can't eat the meat served there as they does not apply Islamic ways of killing the animals. They usually eat with spoon and chop sticks, forks are rarely used.

19. Musolla At-Taqwa
Our first Friday prayer (Jumu'ah) in South Korea. Alhamdulillah we managed to find the place by following other Muslim foreigners who seems to be on their way to perform Jumu'ah prayer too.  

20. summer
Summer in Korea is nice with 27 °C on average, the weather are comparably cooler to Malaysia and it become colder when its raining and windy weather. Always check the weather forecast as stormy rain can really be STORMY! and it is very unpleasant to be outside during a storm. =_=" trust me...  

21. Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Square
Me walking the streets of BIFF Square.

22. vegetarian pizza
We went to Pizza Hut and ordered a large vegetarian pizza which cost 20 000 won that is about RM 55.00. We shared the drinks since it is expensive and it's refillable anyway. I added some beef floss (Serunding Daging) which I brought from Malaysia just to add some meat to the pizza. This sure made me miss Malaysia since we are blessed with halal food there. T_T sobs... sobs...sobs...

23. qiblat from alQibla app
It is always handy to have smartphones around as you get to online when there is free WiFi available and the apps are really useful at times like these. Some apps even works offline. These are some apps that I used during my times in Korea. 
Useful apps in Korea:
1. XE Currency - for converting the money
2. Skype - free video calling to home
3. alQibla - tells the prayer times, qiblat direction on compass and shows Islamic Calender
4. KakaoTalk Messenger - main medium to contacts my Korean friends, they all used this to
    communicate with free messaging and free call.
5. Seoul City Metro - very handy during my trip in Seoul, it tells which train you should take
    and where to transfer to reach your destination.

24. Salah (Prayer)
The mosque are not available everywhere, still when it comes to prayer times As Salah (Prayer) need to be performed and we used empty spaces such as rooftops to fulfill our duty as a Muslim.  

25. King Suro Tomb
Historical place where there is a very big garden surrounding the tomb. The garden at the back of the tomb is very popular to the locals and foreigner as it is very relaxing here. 

26. Tajmahal Restaurant 
One of the Halal restaurant found in the foreigner streets in Gimhae, Busan, South Korea. There are other restaurant such as Indonesian cuisine, Pakistani cuisine and this one is Indian cuisine.  

27. Briani Rice
I ordered the beef briani rice for 8000 won = RM 22.00.

28. dead in Gaya
I went to Gimhae National Museum and learned the custom of the dead for Gaya people. It's a custom of burying the living and the dead in Gaya. In ancient times, when a king, royalty or leadership member died... a lower class subject, slave, or animal was buried with him. It must have been terrifying to be buried alive.

29. money in Gaya
Back in the old days... iron was used as money.

30. tuna rice
another one of the delicious food I had at the cafeteria when most of the times I had to only take the rice and soup and vegetables. I hate vegetables... I'm more of a carnivore person. RAWR!   

31. prayer
the stairs on the top level is a good place to perform prayer since less people actually passes through here.  
32. Nurimaru APEC House
located near Haeundae Beach it is a very beautiful place to see. This is where the meeting between nations leaders were held. Malaysia were there too. 

33. Haeundae Beach
the beach is very popular during summer, a lot of people come to hang out and have fun here. I swam my heart out here... the water was cold and the breeze makes you shivers to the bone. Hehe... really enjoyed my times here. 

34. Busan Aquarium, Haeundae Beach.

35. Kopiah
This is in Gimhae Mosque, they provide kopiah (head covering) for the Muslims who visit. 

36. Gimhae Mosque
The Gimhae Mosque was managed by Pakistani Muslim people who practice the Hanafi Madhab.  

37. Busan Mosque
One of the big mosque that offers women section. 

38. Cappadocia Turkish Kebab House
Its a Turkish cuisine that is located next to the Busan Mosque. 

39. Chic Kebab
I ordered the chicken kebab set which cost about 15 000 won = RM 41.00.

40. made in Turkey

41. bun and soup
these are included in the set. I don't really like the soup. :(

42. watermelon
these are given for free! compliments from the chef... yeay :D

42. milk pudding
this is also included in the set along with a cup of tea. the milk pudding is so smooth~

44. Deli Manjoo
this stall sells cream ball and walnut ball, its smells really good and tasted yummy! 

45. vegetable soup
ingredients for making Korean vegetable soup during one of the cooking workshop I attended.  

46. Bibim Myun (cold and spicy noodle)
its a Korean summer traditional food, it helps cool down your body and you need to eat it fast... like very fast before the noodle expand and changes it's taste. 

 47. Al-Hidayah Mosque
this mosque is managed by Indonesian Muslim and supervised by Imam Yaseer from the Busan Mosque.

48. homemade meals
Halal meats can be obtained from Busan Mosque, Gimhae, South Korea. 

49. Gyeong Bok Gung Palace
These are places I visited during my trip to Seoul. Enjoyed my time there... 

50. King Sejong Museum

51. calligraphy
I get to try to write my name in Hangul at the museum for free. You can try it two times and get to keep one of it, the other one will be hang on the wall in the museum. :)

52. Hangul: Firzi Malaysia

53. King Sejong

54. Dunkin Donuts

55. Myeongdong
Myeongdong in Seoul is one of the main shopping district. The shops here opens along the streets which is very welcoming. There are also some large department store found here like Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae Department Store and Myeongdong Migliore. 

56. Grilled Fish and Sauced Calamari
My friend brought us here to eat dinner nearby Sinchon Station. This place serve these as their specialty and it is very similar to Malaysian Ikan Bakar and Sotong Goreng Sambal. Only it's better in Malaysia with Sambal Kicap... hehe  
 57. Chang Deok Gung Palace
Chang Deok Gung Palace is the main palace for many Joseon king generations and is the most preserved of the five remaining royal Joseon Palaces.

58. Seoul Main Palace

59. Seoul Central Mosque
Seoul Central Mosque is located at Itaewon, there are many Halal restaurant available here. Halal meat can also be obtained around here. 

60. iftar
It is Ramadan here in Seoul, and we decided to break our fast here in Seoul Central Mosque. Light foods are served for iftar and we continued with Maghrib prayer. 

61. Maghrib prayer

62. Seoul Central Mosque at night

63. free dinner
After Maghrib prayer, we eat dinner provided by the Mosque. Some non muslim also joined taking the food and ate together with us. It was very peaceful embracing Ramadhan here... 

64. Namsan Seoul Tower view
Later that night we went to Seoul Tower located at the top of Namsan Mountain. 

65. locked hearts
These locks symbolize their eternal love together which is started based on a very popular Korean drama: Boys Over Flowers.

66. N Seoul Tower
This beautiful tower is one of must seen Korea landmarks. 

67. Seoul Tower Laser Show

68. COEX Aquarium
COEX Aquarium... hmm it's okay but I have been to Aquaria  KLCC and Aquaria is so much better. COEX is still enjoyable it is just too crowded with people that you get to see more people instead of fish, and when there's too many kids the glass become dirty and cloudy with all their hands and all. Enough said. 

69. funny fish
I was like enjoying the tour then suddenly I saw this girl...

70. fish girl
aww... how cute... my friend manage to record this moment and it is very funny. I watched it over and over again. Fine! kids can be adorable sometimes. Sigh~ 

71. piranha

72. dugong

73. pingu
Just something I bought to help the fish there and for a special uhuk... someone... uhuk...ahaks... :p

74. Cheonggyecheon Stream
Cheonggyecheon Stream is the natural stream at the heart of Seoul.

75. Cheonggyecheon Stream Laser Show
we manage to get there just before the laser shows start... how lucky!

76. Cheonggyecheon Stream at night
It is very beautiful here at night, many of the locals hangout here too. 

77. TTeok (Korean Rice Cake)
we ate the famous Korean Rice Cake called TTeok for dinner. It's a sweet ball of rice. Yummy!

78. Watermelon ice cream
Just some ice cream that are Halal to be eaten. I don't really liked this one though, it tasted like chewing gum. :(

79. strawberry ice cream
this one is okay...

80. Korea ice cream

81. Melon ice cream
ahh... I love this one... it has a milky taste that makes the ice cream smoothly melts in the mouth. 

82. Baskin Robbins 31st
but nothing beats baskin robbins ice cream... hehe since its 31st they offered a sized up for free, I bought the half gallon for 16 900 won = RM 47 and they sized it up to the cut gallon bucket. Which is supposed to cost  20 000 won = RM 55. A cut gallon will cost about RM 140.00 in Malaysia which is far more expensive even with the 31% discount on 31st of the month. It will still cost RM 96.00, See the difference? :p

83. Busanjin Market

84. Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) Square

85. South Korea Independence day
It is on 15th of August, happy Independence day South Korea~

86. PIFF Square Stalls
Popular stalls actually have peoples lining up to buy meters away.

87. iphone 4s cover: penguin
Just some phone covers I found to be cute here...

88. iphone 4s cover: puzzle

89. iphone 4s cover: LEGO

90. iphone 4s cover: owl

91. iphone 4s cover: pirate penguin

92. iphone 4s cover: stitch

93. iphone 4s cover: stitch's partner

94. iphone 4s cover: Rilakkuma

95. iphone 4s cover: turtle

96. Lotteria shrimp burger
The Lotteria Shrimp burger and Squid burger are available and Halal to eat. It would be great  if Malaysia's fast food were to serves seafood burgers like this as well. Shrimp set is 4900 won = RM14.00 and Squid set is 4200 won = RM12.00.

97. Lotteria refillable drink
98. Infinite

99. Infinite 3rd Mini Album
the album cost only 12 000 won = RM33.00

100. 2pm Hands Up

101. poster of 2pm included
this one actually cost 13 000 won = RM 36.00 only, which is far cheaper than the one sold in Malaysia.

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