Monday, June 27, 2011

I have Entomophobia

This is me. I'm 21 this year and I have Entomophobia. Yups! it's a kind of phobia. Entomophobia or also called insectophobia, is the general class for = fear of insect. I have "flying-insecto-phobia" to be exact, and yes like the term says I'm scared of flying insect. 
I overreact whenever I see them. There's a Malay term for this reaction, it is called "gelabah lebih". They just really get on my nerves and manage to bring out the evil twin inside of myself, turning me into a freaking ninja! " Wachaa !!! ".

I even felt like I have eyes on my back, able to sense them flying around me... and I'm always ready to dodge them (This usually ends up making me look horrible in public...sigh~). I will then start dodging the flying thingy with all my might and capability to avoid contact with them. Especially facial contact. Yucks! It just give me the creep imagining they bumping onto my face. I might even die tragically if they accidentally flies into my mouth. 

In certain cases, they even result me into using my ninjutsu last resort...

Like in this case,
Case 1: A flying hornet enter my room through the open windows at night attracted to the bright light.
I'm so nervous when I see the hornet enter my room that my palm started to sweat. I had to leave my sit and back off from my laptop just to have a save distance from the hornet. He then land on the light bulb and began buzzing like its talking to me. For a moment I felt like I can understand the buzzing language he's talking to me (even Google translate was unable to translate this). Below is the conversation we were having...

Hornet: "Buzzezz! Buzzeezz Buzz Buzzez..."
My Brain Translate: "Stay back! This'is my light..."

And then I was like puzzled for a moment and become furious after that and answered...
Me: "WTH! This is my room...get out!" 

Then the 2nd World War broke over the domination of the light. I managed to grab a book on the table and fold it to smack the hornet. A fierce battle occurred. I was unable to hit it because he flies around the bulb. I afraid if I hit it, I will broke the light bulb. So the hornet managed to keep the light his, buzzing on the light. Mocking me! sigh~  .

I started to lose my patience...
I switched off the light... haha serves you right!. As I cannot see in the dark, I covered myself with my comforter just to be save from the hornet. 
After awhile the hornet flew out of my room and I quickly closed the windows and switched the light back on. I thought he left already, but suddenly he began buzzing on the window's glass trying to get in...
Only got one word for you buddy... sucker! 

Case 2: Finding a cockroaches with large wings (possibly able to fly) 

I'm not afraid of crawling cockroaches, but there are some of them with large wings that probably have undergo mutation that they are able to fly. If I happen to find them, this is what I did:
As simple as that, I take a handful of water and wet the cockroaches wings. Now that he cannot fly... world is at peace again. Don't even ask me what I did if there were no waters to be found... 
I did what I have to! 

Other cases includes...
Case 3: Having a giant moth stuck on my shoulder.

There was this one time during my national service, I had one humongous that is very dusty... and hairy... and ugly... and... and... just name it! lands on my shoulder. Her ugly eyes... her face... her mouth... urggghhh~ looking at me. Her wings were as big as two of my palm, swinging lazily on my shoulder. My head started to feel dizzy at that time. But... slowly I walked away from the crowds, towards my dormitory.  After reaching the dormitory... using a book, I tried pushing the moth away from my shoulder. She does not even budge a bit from her spot as if she's ready to eat me alive....

I took off my shirt slowly and carefully so that the moth doesn't fly to my face or me having to touch it in any way. Since the moth is on my left shoulder... I started pulling my left arm into my shirt. Then carefully lifting my shirt up until my head is covered...and lastly throwing the shirt away. The moth then flew away leaving some dust on my shirt... perhaps it's poisonous? I don't know...but sure glad to be save from the ugly moth ~

Lastly, Know your enemy! hehe...
List of insects in Malaysia that can fly and you should be afraid of:
1. Cockroaches  (Blattodea)

Facts about cockroaches that you should be aware of:
  1. Cockroaches have been around since the time of dinosaurs! (^_^) maybe...
  2. A cockroach can live almost a month without food. ($_$) don't have to feed them if you have one as a pet... 
  3. A cockroach can live about two weeks without water. ($_$) won't be needing any water too...
  4. Some female cockroaches only mate once and stay pregnant for life! ($_$) uuu... maybe they have a cure for ... but, who would want to eat a cockroaches made medicine
  5. A cockroach can live for up to one week without its head! (*_*) hmm... undead=serious matter! 
  6. Cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes! (*0*) owh...they have nose? haha
  7. Cockroaches can run up to 3 miles an hour. (-_-") how fast is that?
Taken from: Coackroaches

2. Bees and Wasps (Hymenoptera)
If you ever manage to kill bees or any of it's kind, make sure you squash them  good enough so that they cannot buzz anymore. I always had the feeling that they can send S.O.S signal to their colony by buzzing their wings before dying.  Just a precaution okay...hehe

Would't want the whole colony be chasing after you...would you? 

In case you are wondering... “ What bee stings hurt the most ? ”
Well the answer to that question does not even comes from bee... it's Wasp!
Caution: This dark knight sting hurts the most!

3. Moth (Lepidoptera)
The ugly version of butterfly... enough said.

4. Beetle (Coleoptera)
This bug can fly and he's very sticky. No he don't have glue on his legs... his legs acts like a hook and can hold on to your skin or shirt very strongly. If you ever get one stuck on you, just tap them hard enough so that they fell off (melayu cakap: jentik kuat-kuat... nanti dia jatuh la~). Don't worry about hurting them, they have strong body made of exoskeleton to protect themselves.

5. Dragonfly (Odonata)
This insect can be so stiff that you couldn't tell whether it's alive or dead. That is why it is called "Pepatung" in Malay, because they are very good at playing dead. How to tell they are dead or alive? you just have to "poke" them...   

and why are they called dragonfly?
Simply because they can breath fire...haha
maybe this one look better with blue fire breath...

There are also others insects that can fly such as praying mantis and locust (belalang kunyit). There are very scary! and it's okay to be afraid of them.  

Scientific name of common bug in Malaysia.

My roommate from Turkey requested that I post this in English so that he can understand.   
Hope you enjoyed reading this!


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